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Providing advice since 1997, the experienced valuers at Valuations NSW are Registered Property, Plant & Machinery and Business Valuers based in Sydney, New South Wales. Our valuers can provide you with independent residential property valuations, commercial property valuations, specialised property valuations, property consultancy and general property advice throughout Sydney and the greater metropolitan area. Valuations NSW is an independent company that provides property valuations Sydney and consultancy relating to all property types.


Our Property Valuers Sydney are familiar with your area and where necessary will explain recent sales and the property valuation Sydney process.

We are leading property valuers Sydney, covering Sydney and the greater metropolitan area including, Sydney CBD, Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Parramatta, Upper North Shore, The Hills, Liverpool, Cantebury-Bankstown, St. George, Sutherland Shire, Wollongong, South Western Sydney and Western Sydney. We provide property valuation Sydney for a wide variety of property types, such as:

We at Valuations NSW do not sell real estate or act as property sales agents. This ensures that we provide unbiased property valuation and advice without fear or favour – and always act in your best interests.

Valuations NSW is able to ensure complete confidentiality to all clients. As government registered property valuers and members of the Australian Property Institute (API) we follow the API's Code of Professional Practice, Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct. Our property valuers undertake Continuing Professional Development studies through the API regularly.

Valuations NSW staff are fully system trained and have the local experience to provide each individual client with a reliable answer to their valuation questions. We maintain an ongoing training program to ensure our business develops with the times and embraces all manner of technology, specifically those which will assist improving our service level to our clients.

What is a certified property valuation?

A certified property valuation is a legal document that provides detailed information concerning the subject property to calculate its fair market value. A certified property valuation will include substantial quantitative data, pertaining to the internal and external factors, which will determine the market value of the property.

The procedure of calculating the value of a property is a detailed process. The certified valuer will investigate over 200 variables in order to accurately determine the property’s fair market value. As such, it’s essential to reach out to an industry professional to ensure complete accuracy and transparency.

Why is a property valuation needed?

A property valuation is essential in minimising investment risk, creating greater certainty, and will inform on any property related decision. As such, it is a legal document that provides the accurate and fair market value of any given subject property, and is required to truly understand the property and the equity it holds.

Independent property valuations are required for a variety of formal circumstances, including submissions to government agencies and the courts. As such, only a certified valuer holds the qualifications to perform an independent property valuation that adheres to various legislative requirements.

What does a property valuation involve?

A property valuation will provide detailed information, including: the property’s condition, underlying land value, fixtures and features of the premises and council zoning restrictions. The report will also consider the location of the property and its proximity to various local recreational amenities, including: public transport and business districts.

When completing a property valuation, it requires a thorough investigation of over 200 variables to seek an accurate fair market value. A certified valuer will research and compile evidence, via property databases and an inspection, to look into the internal and external variables that will influence value.

What are the benefits of a certified property valuer?

A certified property valuer is an industry expert with the training and the qualifications to perform an accurate valuation service of any property. As such, a property valuer has the qualifications to provide an objective, professionally detailed valuation report free from bias and agenda.

Their industry expertise can also be useful for professional, independent and objective advice, which can help create assurance and minimise risk referring to a variety of property related decisions. As such, certified property valuers are experts in their local property markets and always provide their clients with fair, independent advice on any subject property.

How does a property valuer calculate value?

In order to accurately calculate value in accordance with Australian Property Institute (API) standards, a property valuer will use these three methodologies:

  • The Direct Comparison Approach: this methodology focusses on directly comparing the subject property to similar properties in the local property market. This is the most common approach used and will analyse over 200 variables.
  • The Summation Approach: this is used solely by API certified property valuers and is used as an ancillary check method, using the replacement cost value of depreciated improvements. This will then be calculated against the underlying land value.
  • The Capitalisation of Net Income: This is reserved for valuing commercial properties and uses the net rental income of the property and capitalise this at a rate of return taken from local comparable sales.

What is the difference between a real estate appraisal and a property valuation?

A property valuation is completed by an industry professional, who is certified and has extensive experience in valuing properties, to determine a fair market value without bias or agenda.

A real estate appraisal provides an estimation of value based on the educated opinion of a real estate agent. This is established on what the property is believed it can be sold for. Real estate appraisals cannot be used for any kind of legislative purpose and often hold the agenda of wanting to list the property.

An independent property valuation report is a legally certified document that only seeks to determine the fair market value of the property. As such, this will provide an accurate determination of value without any conflict of interest.

What is the difference between a bank valuer and a property valuer?

A bank valuer is contracted by a lender to perform a valuation on any subject property to ensure loan security. As such, a bank valuer will hold an existing bias with wanting to minimise the lenders risk and will tend to push towards a more conservative value.

A property valuer, on the other hand, has gone through extensive training in valuing real property, and holds the sole purpose of valuing any subject property at its fair market value. As such, a property valuer can provide a detailed valuation report, which is a certified document that reflects the property’s true value without any kind of conflict of interest and agenda.

What qualifications are required to become a certified property valuer?

Certified Independent valuations can only be completed and signed off by a Certified Practicing Valuer (CPV), and an Australian Property Institute (API) member. This process involves completing tertiary education specialising in property, with two years additional industry practice via a traineeship, and a final interview.

Overall this process takes an average of six years to complete, as a result, a certified property valuer become one of the most highly regarded property valuers in Australia. An API accreditation means that each certified property valuer is duty bound to perform valuation services with the utmost fairness, professionalism, and transparency.

Industry qualifications.

Valuations NSW and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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We Are Compliant With:

Sydney Property ValuersThe Australian Property Institute (API) standards and procedures
Sydney Property ValuersInternational Valuation Standards (IVS)
Sydney Property ValuersDefence Housing Australia Act 1987
Sydney Property ValuersStrata Scheme Management Act 2015
Sydney Property ValuersNSW Owners Corporation
Sydney Property ValuersDistrict Court of NSW
Sydney Property ValuersSupreme Court of NSW
Sydney Property ValuersFederal Circuit Court of Australia
Sydney Property ValuersFamily Law Court of Australia
Sydney Property ValuersAccounting Professional Ethical Standards (APES)
Sydney Property ValuersInstitute of Public Accountants
Sydney Property ValuersValuer-General NSW Regulations
Sydney Property ValuersNSW Revenue
Sydney Property ValuersATO

Key Accomplishments

Property Valuations Sydney

Completed Business Valuations for all Business types in Compliance with Supreme Court and Federal Court Circuits with annual revenue upwards of $20 million.

Property Valuations Sydney

Undergoing a number of commercial and mixed use valuation services including tertiary schools Churches valued at over $25 million.

Property Valuations Sydney

Provided residential valuation services within Sydney’s metropolitan area including the CBD, Kurraba Point, Newtown and Sydney’s West with values upwards of $12 million.

Property Valuations Sydney

Compiled reports for plant & equipment purposes with asset registers upwards of over $10 million

Property Valuations Sydney

Completed multiple valuations for industrial and developmental sites for number of purposes, with values of over $15 million

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$6 billion

Valued on residential properties

$8 billion

Valued on commercial & industrial properties

$4.67 million

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Valuation NSW has helped me numerous times with both residential and commercial valuations throughout Sydney. They have never let me down when it comes to professionalism, accuracy and independent valuation services. If you need any kind of valuation done, look no further! – Greg Forbes, Sydney property owner