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Business Valuations: CPA or Chartered Accountant Business Valuers

Valuations NSW is a leading valuation firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce in-depth, concise, and comprehensive business valuation reports. We provide business valuations for a range of purposes, including Family Law Court, Pre-Purchase/Pre-Sale Advice (Whole or Part), Litigation, Strategic Planning, Taxation, Exit Strategy Planning, Funding and many more.

All our Business Valuers have over 20 years experience and are registered as either Chartered Accountants™ or Chartered Practising Accountants (CPA™).

Business Valuations are required to determine the fair market value, which is calculated based on the amount a willing buyer is ready to pay a willing seller, in an arms-length transaction, with the assumption that both parties will enter into the transaction.

We cover all specialised business industries including but not limited to the following: Retail businesses; Accounting Firm valuations; Transport valuations; Financial Planning businesses; Insurance Broker valuations; Medical Practices; Wholesale Trade business valuations; Motel, Hotel and Other Accommodation based businesses; Café, Restaurant and Hospitality companies; Valuation of Royalty Income, Licenses and Intellectual Property; Information Technology businesses; Manufacturing companies; Mining and Mining Services businesses; Building, Construction and Engineering firms; Law Firm valuations; Other professional service business valuations;and Nearly every other type of business!

To carry out a Business Valuation correctly and efficiently, we require some information on the subject of your company, this includes but is not limited to: Background of the business (locations, products, services, clients/ customers) Lease agreement Breakdown of wages/salary expenses Financial statements Latest Tax return Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet or alike Budgets or forecast Profit and Loss Statements for future financial years

We understand that this information is not always accessible to the client, so our Valuers work extremely hard to perform with the documents available.

All of our Business Valuers prepare each valuation to a standard accepted by every Government Agency or private company, with our reports having been submitted to the following Australian Courts: Federal Court of Australia; Federal Circuit Court of Australia; Family Court of Australia; NSW Supreme Court; NSW District Court; NSW Land and Environment Court; Supreme Court of Queensland; Family Court of Western Australia; Supreme Court of Victoria;and County Court of Victoria.

Valuations NSW are highly regarded within the Business Valuations field and are at the top of their game when it comes to providing accurate and detailed reports. If you would like to order a Business Valuation or to receive a free quote from one of our friendly staff members, call us today on (02) 8599 9863 or fill out the Contact Form.


Industry qualifications.

Valuations NSW and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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