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Qualified and Trusted Plant and Machinery Valuations

At Valuations NSW our specialist team can help with all your plant and machinery valuation needs. Relying on years of training and experience our Australian Property Institute (API) certified valuers can give you one of the most trusted valuations in the country.

You can rely on our experience and passion to get you the results you need. Whether it is for a loan, selling, insurance or anything, we can customise your certified report to meet your needs. Our quick turnaround times also ensure that you get the information you need when you need it.

We work with you to understand all your plant and machinery valuation purposes. We want to create a report that works for you and your specific needs. Whatever your reason for needing a valuation we are here for you. We always do all we can to provide you with a comprehensive valuation.

At Valuations NSW we work with you. We are not in the business of buying or selling, only to provide exceptional service in all valuation related purposes. With no conflict of interest our valuations can be trusted to fit your needs and no one else’s.

How does Valuations NSW Calculate my Plant & Machinery’s Value

The expert valuers at Valuations NSW use a range of methods to ensure that we get your plant and machinery accurately valued. We use a detailed list of all your plant and machinery assets to ensure that our valuation reports are completed to the highest standard.

Once we have the detailed list of assets, whether they are tractors, dishwashers, heavy machinery or anything else, our valuers can begin the process of fixing the right number to your asset. We class each asset down to its exact make and model so there can be no possibility of an incorrect outcome.

Beyond a simple value given, we can also calculate the value to a previous date and possible use. Do you need to know the value of a walk-in freezer both if it was to be used for purpose or removed by the new owner? We can help.

What is a Plant and Machinery Valuation?

A plant and machinery valuation is the calculation of the specific current value of your plant and machinery. Our trained and knowledgeable valuers will work with you to create a certified report on the worth of your assets.

What you do with this information is up to you. We can give you the tools you require for a range of needs. Whether it is for insurance information, selling, loans or anything else our 100% impartial valuations can help you get the outcome you require.

This report will be recognised by any legal body or government agency making sure that you are covered for your needs. So, no matter the reason you need a valuation we are the right team for the job.

Why should I trust a Plant and Machinery Valuation from Valuations NSW?

Our team of valuers here at Valuations NSW have proven through their years of experience and training that they can be trusted to provide the highest quality of service.

All our valuers have gone through an average of six years of training and learning. Each member of our valuating team is certified by the Australian Property Institute (API) including a tertiary education in property and a two-year long apprenticeship with over 20 years experience in the field of specialised valuation services.

This wealth of experience and know-how ensures that the valuation report you receive is of the highest quality and standards. You can trust that the number you receive reflects the true value of your plant and machinery.

How do I get my Plant and Machinery Valuation report?

Contact us at (02) 8599 9863 and we can get the process started. One of our knowledgeable staff will ask a few simple questions so we can provide you with a competitive quote that covers all of your needs. We will then find which of our valuers fits you and your valuation requirements best and ensure they are local to the area.

5-7 business days detailing all your plant and machinery requirements and any external factors that may come into play. We look forward to hearing from you!