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People are losing good property options cause of ‘Tinder effect’ in the property market

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Whether you’re young, single, or couple you must know about the most popular dating app called ‘Tinder’. While using this app you swipe to agree or to discard the dating options. Swipe right, if you are interested and swipe left if you aren’t. Cause of this ‘Tinder effect’ of swiping left the nice properties making people losing their dream homes.

People are losing good opportunities -
As per the property valuers - “The availability of the more options creating confusions among the people and thus they are leaving the good opportunities. Currently, the property market is flooded with so many options. Buyers are swiping the left (rejecting) the property even without looking at it. The availability of the home information on the online apps making people judgmental and thus people are losing good opportunities of having a home. As potential buyers are failing to sense the opportunities available in the real estate property world which is keeping them away from the ownership of their dream home.

Home visit is must -
Property is a tangible thing which you should see, touch and feel before reaching any conclusion. And there are a lot many factors which one should consider before buying a home like - location, amenities, facilities, availability of natural light, check the ceiling height and more that can be gained by personal inspection only.

Personal experience matters -
Just with an online profile, one shouldn’t judge the property. The property valuer says - “One should go on a date (to visit the property or home) and view the property, make your own experience, check the must-haves you want in the property and then decide to have it or not. Rejecting the properties just because you have so many home options available to you - is ruthless.

When a person physically sees the home he can experience the physicality of a home, Air ventilations are there or not, how big the rooms are, the proximity to the hospital, supermarket and public transport from the home, condition of home and appliances and height of the ceiling.

Property Valuers suggest- “Always remember never make decisions based on the online viewing the home’s profile and curbside appeal as it is not going to give you the complete information of the home. Your personal visit is a must before swiping it left.” It’s so true that more options, more choices confuse us and thus sometimes we lose good opportunities as we unable to pick the right one among so many. Expert says - “People are happy and confused both at the same time as they have abundant choices to make from and they are constantly swiping every day to find the right property for them.”

Believe it or not, but the physical interaction is far better than getting information over the phone via online. Whether it is buying your home, choosing your life partner or anything else.

You can hire the expert property valuers to get the right suggestion and accurate value of the property. For the best property valuation services contact us. Our expert and qualified property valuers are always feel happy to assist you.


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