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Valuations NSW has been in the valuation business since 1997 and we value residential property, commercial property, plant and machinery and businesses. All of our valuers are Certified Practising Valuers (CPV) under the Australian Property Institute (API) so they have essentially received industry accreditation and conduct valuations that are top-notch.

Every single one of our valuers in Newcastle and Maitland provides a completely independent assessment of your property using only the facts. They will inspect your property and will measure it against similar properties in the area and will also consider: the town or suburb of the property; what amenities are in the area? Is there a good public transport connection? What about parks? Schools? Bars and restaurants? supply and demand for the area; general economic conditions; property market trends; the area’s demographics for example is it in a desirable socio-economic area?; the street appeal of the property? Does it look run-down or has it been well maintained?; Potential to renovate or undertake other building works?; investment opportunities – if it’s a rental is it likely to remain empty for a long time or will it be easy to rent?

Why you should get an independent valuation

When you’re seeking a mortgage to buy a property it’s in your best interests to obtain an independent market valuation. There are so many reasons for this but the biggest reason is that a bank valuation will typically be under market which can restrict your borrowing capacity due to LVR standards. When a bank gets their own valuer into the property they are unlikely to share the details of the valuation with you because you did not pay for it. If you get the property valued yourself then you have negotiating power and may be able to negotiate the price down, which allows you to get better value for money.

An independent valuer has no interest in preparing a high valuation report or a low valuation report. Their sole intention is to accurately and fairly value the property and their valuation report which is normally 13-15 pages will contain valuable information you will only get by using an independent valuation service.

Because our valuers inspect properties and value properties on a daily basis they have access to a database of property information including: what other similar properties in the area sold for; what the general market conditions are.

Valuations NSW have a team of valuers in Newcastle and Maitland who will inspect your property with consideration of the size, characteristics, views, proximity to bars and restaurants and other infrastructure like train stations or car parks so you can be confident that it’s a true indication of the value of your property.

Commercial property valuation – Newcastle and Maitland

From small office suits to detail spaces, industrial buildings or plant and machinery, NSW Valuations has qualified staff who have acquired a large amount of property knowledge. In other words, because they are local to the area they understand the sentiment in the area and will compare that against their database of property information when finalising your property valuation report.

Residential property valuations – Newcastle and Maitland

Residential property is a substantial financial commitment for many people and to ensure your finances are constantly in good health, it’s advantageous to obtain periodic property valuations. You may also want a property valuation for a specific purpose such as: stamp duty; market value assessments; property settlement; capital gains tax; separation/de-facto; pre-purchase or pre-sale; deceased estate/probate; superannuation fund; Family Law Court; mortgage security; litigation; building insurance assessments; expert witness; internal accounting; rent reviews/rental determinations/property rental assessments; compensation; compulsory acquisition.

Our valuers are accredited as Certified Practising Valuers by the Australian Property Institute (API) so they conduct property valuations in line with the API’s Code of Professional Practice, Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct. They regularly attend professional development courses and so they are constantly improving and developing their valuation skills.

Newcastle development overview

First explored by European settler John Shortland in 1797, Newcastle was actually discovered accidentally. Shortland was on an expedition to search for convicts who had taken control of a ship that was sailing from Sydney Cove. After his discovery, the region became a coal mining haven, which was the first major export from New South Wales. After initially being a penal colony where convicts worked in the mines, a mixed group of men started to settle in the area and by 1823 the last convicts had left the area and it was settled by civilians.

In the 19th and 30th centuries its main industries were coal, copper, soap, and steel however it was hit by an economic downturn in the 1970s due to the closure of the steelworks.

Fortunately, the economy recovered in the early 2000s leading to increased demand for coal; and investment in Newcastle begun to increase. The major employers in Newcastle are the Hunter New England Health Service and the University of Newcastle.

Given its proximity to Sydney and with a train line connecting the two there are possibilities for construction in the city of just over 300,000.

Maitland development overview

Before Maitland became the city it is today, it started after three smaller colonies – West Maitland, East Maitland and Morpeth (which is now a suburb of Maitland), grew into the town it is now. Before the population growth each town operated as three individual towns. The current city was formed in 1945 after the three local government areas (LGAs) amalgamated into one.

Maitland’s current CBD sits on the Hunter River with many heritage buildings still erected. The city is very reliant on the retail sector, with it being home to many fashion retailers, cafes and other shops.

There is a vast array of developments underway in Maitland including single dwellings, multi dwellings, mixed purpose buildings, dual occupancy, boarding houses and subdivisions. With plenty of vacant land in Maitland its infrastructure developments are leading to interest from property investors. If you are thinking about investing in Maitland and you want peace of mind before doing so then if you’ve got a plot of land in mind or you’re looking at a residential or commercial building, you should get a valuation from Valuations NSW.

Why Valuations NSW?

Valuations NSW has been in business since the late 1990s meaning we have conducted thousands of property valuations in a range of economic climates and market conditions and we know the Newcastle and Maitland areas well. This knowledge means our property valuers have the practical experience and market data to assess the value of your property fairly and accurately.

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Industry qualifications.

Valuations NSW and key employees are members of the following professional associations ensuring that our high standards of work are maintained.

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