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Current Market Value
Valuations NSW provides Current Market Valuations for a variety of purposes, including:
  •  Capital Gains Tax
  •  Deceased Estate
  •  Family Law/Settlement
  •  Pre-purchase
  •  Pre-sale
  •  Property Settlement
  •  Retrospective
  •  Separation
  •  Stamp Duty
  •  Superannuation Fund
What is a market valuation? 
A market valuation is basically the amount you could sell your property for if you were to sell it on the open market today. The formal definition of market value as defined in case law is ‘the amount that should be paid for an asset at a particular point in time, between an informed willing buyer and willing seller acting prudently, conscionable and without compulsion and after a proper marketing campaign'.
 Why do I need a market valuation report?
There are many circumstances one would require a market valuation. Most commonly market valuations are sought by banks for mortgage security purposes. The general public seek market valuations for pre-purchase, pre-auction, pre-selling purposes or to find out how much equity they have in their property. This can help the client make an informed decision when purchasing and selling a property or for portfolio and investment purposes. These days there is a tone of information freely available about property online, however professional interpretation of this data is often necessary to avoid paying too much or selling for too little.
What’s in a market valuation report? 
When it comes to valuation reporting, you have the option of getting a short form and a long form. For most instances a short form report is recommended and will suffice. Long form reports provide more information and explanation and hence cost more. Long form reports are typically used for litigation matters, high-end property or when a client requires more detailed information.
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Latest Property News

Major Role Of Conveyancing In Buying And Selling Of A Property

The process of buying of a new property is very exciting you will be requiring some of the straight forward advices for the purchase of various kinds of properties. Along with it there is also a requirement of various types of legal laws and advices to get the required property with complete ease and satisfaction. Conveyancing in Sydney has turned out to be very simple and easy with the help of the Enact Conveyancing Sydney as it has been providing some of the very unique and personalized services that have been related with the work of Conveyancing throughout the Sydney.

The people hired as conveyancer conduct all the various types of activities in accordance with the Australian Standards that have been made for it. A person has to be well qualified to handle various types of things that have been required at the time of buying of a new property. The people here know the process of buying of a new property is very exciting so they will always help you with some of the straight forward advices that are required by you for Conveyancing.

Conveyancing in Sydney starts with appointment of a conveyancer who sees to your various types of needs regarding buying and selling of property. Independent values of the properties are found as per the market conditions. Buyer gets the best house as per his need in a very low budget and the seller gets a very good of profit at the time of selling his house.

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